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Soothe Your Soul with Pink Crystals


The human heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, with an electromagnetic field 60 times strong than that of the brain.  You’re welcome to use your brain to ponder that for a minute.  Or, you can wake up to wonder and think about it with your much wiser heart.

More than any others, pink gemstones correspond to the heart chakra, love, and affection.  Pink is the universal colour of love, bringing feelings of tenderness, acceptance and comfort.  They are fierce defenders of the heart.  They wrap us up and promise that all will be well.  They tell us that we are beautiful beyond compare.  Their pure pink energy soothes the hurt of loss, brings balance and aligns desire with pure intent.  They also remind us to love ourselves every bit as much, as we love others.   

If you’re truly blessed, your life will be filled with loves of all kinds.  People, places, passions.  Beginnings and endings.  Self-love.  Heart filling, life affirming loves.  And with an open, fearless heart – and your collection of pink hued crystals by your side – you’ll have the equipment to handle it all.

If you’re ready to unlock the healing powers of love and compassion, these pink beauties might be right up your alley…




When it’s time to dig deep, find your thing, love it hard and offer it up to the world, it’s rosy Rhodonite to the rescue. 

Working in tandem with the heart chakra, this graceful and elegant beauty helps to open us to unconditional love and increased service to mankind.  Rhodonite’s power lies in appealing to the love that drives you, lights you up, gets you out of bed in the morning – and no, we’re not talking about a triple shot espresso – we’re talking about your calling, your life’s true purpose.

This stone is all about feeling loved by offering your love through contributing to your community according to your life’s purpose. It is a stone of inner growth and attention to detail, it can help you decipher inner visions related to your purpose, and its energy is calming and helps to ease anxiety and bring emotional balance. 

Peaceful Rhodonite helps you understand your gifts and supports you to use them to make the world a more beautiful, enlightened, magickal place for everyone in it.


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is one of the most well-known and powerful crystals for love.  Used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries, sweet Rose Quartz remains the stone of the hopeless romantic (for good reason – crystals with aphrodisiac properties are great for igniting passion between lovers), but it’s not just romantic love that this crystal embodies.  The Rose Quartz stone’s meaning is one of unconditional love in any form.  Whether that be self-love, family, platonic or romantic love, the way Rose Quartz facilitates love is through its ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. 

Helping you to forgive and understand, Rose Quartz is strongly associated with the element of water, its healing properties are naturally fluid.  They wash out those toxic energies and emotions that threaten to weigh you down.

Be warned – if you’re planning on placing one in the bedroom for purely recreational purposes, Rose Quartz is also associated with the promotion of fertility.




When it comes to heartache, it’s all about balancing emotions.  No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, whether it’s floating in the Cloud 9 haze of new love, crying on the floor of Heartbreak Hotel or anywhere in between, the fiery, yet comforting pretty-in-pink Rhodochrosite crystal brings the most powerful medicine of all – unconditional Burning Love. 

Rhodochrosite’s loving vibrations calm the heart and encourage stability when tensions are high.  With Rhodochrosite included in your healing crystal first aid kit, witness an amazing healing transformation in your relationships when jealousy and anger evolve into forgiveness and loving acceptance. 


Pink Opal


Oh, Pink Opal.  How do we love thee?  Let us count the ways.

Sweet Pink Opal is a powerful ally for emotional healing, emotional balance and all healing matters of the heart.  Getting over a bad breakup?  Or loss of a loved one?  The gentle tingle of Pink Opal placed over our hearts or under our pillow connects us to that vibrating flow of energy that in turn connects us to everything and everyone we love, bringing resolution to painful energies and filling your aura with a sweet pink cloud of peace.

In addition to healing matters of the heart, blushing Pink Opal encourages the release of fear, worry and anxiety. It helps to dissipate stress, allowing the bearer to be more centred and calm.  Move over Lithium, we’ve got Pink Opal on our side.

 Wear pink crystal jewellery or keep pink gemstones of any type or size around you – in your home, office, even your car, and use their gentle loving energy to open your heart to all types of love (yes, even during the morning commute). 

The medicine of pink crystals is simple: Be kind (especially to yourself) and remember to appreciate the beauty in all things.  Love is all powerful.

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