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Ghostbusting 101


Who you gonna call?


If you’ve just read our 5 signs you’re being “ghosted” and are now too scared to stay in your house alone past dark, you’ve come to the right place!  While it's always fun to have a haunted Halloween, being haunted IRL can be a f*cking nightmare.  Literally.


Some people are more in-tune with the supernatural than others and are therefore more susceptible to hauntings and spirits.  While some people may choose to harness this power by acting as mediums, most people would prefer to communicate strictly with the living (which is 100% OK!).  And in either case, it’s important to know how to avoid being haunted or receiving spirit communication you didn’t sign up for.


So, if you’re looking for a way to put yourself on the paranormal “Do Not Call Register”… read on.  Here are a few easy ways to put an end to the spooky shenanigans.


  1. Ghost them (literally)!


Tell them to leave you alone or just plain ignore them.  If you stop giving them attention, often they’ll get bored and bugger off to haunt someone else. 


Hot tip: If you’re unhappy with ghostly presences in your house, DO NOT play with Ouija boards or hold seances. Opening the gates to the spiritual world willingly invites energy into your home that you don’t want there.


  1. Manifest them gone


After you tell the spirits to get lost, visualisation techniques are a great way to protect yourself.   


  1. Wash that ghost right out of your hair


Wave some sage around like a badass ghostbusting Kristin Wiig, burn lavender in every room, wash your floors with ammonia and get some fresh air circulating through your house.  Crystals are also a great way to clear negative energy and keep it from coming back, and Selenite is perhaps the best cleansing crystal out there.


Cleansing your space can literally sweep those ghouls out the front door.


  1. Radiate positive vibes


Bring positivity into every corner of your home by lighting white candles in the rooms you’ve sensed apparitions, to clear out the negative energies and purify the area.


  1. Protect yourself


What was it our Year 7 Sex-Ed Teacher always told us?  Oh, that’s right, “Always use protection”.  A solid, universal piece of advice that you can actually turn to in pretty much any given situation (except perhaps the US gun debate, but that’s another story…)


We’re talking about placing a Black Tourmaline stone in the corner of the room to ensure that you are out of harm's way. This stone will protect you from negativity — on both the spiritual and material plane.




And try to remember not all ghosts are baddies!  While there are some malevolent beasties who are thirsty for attention, most ghosts are benevolent Caspers, and some are just energetically trapped in areas they previously inhabited and need a helping hand to move on.


Overall, the best way to protect yourself from being haunted is to set boundaries and stand in your power. While there are always exceptions, generally, spirits and ghosts won't bother you if you refuse to engage with them.

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