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WTF are Angel Numbers?


Do you ever seem to see repeating sequences of numbers over and over again?  Like 333 or 777?  Or maybe you know someone who goes nuts when the clock hits 11:11, even screenshotting it and adding it to their insta stories…


Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that have spiritual significance, according to numerology.

So, say you always seem to look at the clock and it’s exactly 3:33pm.  Then later in the day your UberEATS totals to $33.33.  A few days later you might get exactly 333 likes on your latest insta reel…

It’s easy enough to write these things off as a coincidence, BUT a variety of repeating numbers that keeps popping up in your life could have a greater meaning.  Especially if you find yourself coming back to the sequence repeatedly (i.e., if you think it’s a sign, it probably is – that’s your intuition talking baby – pay attention to her!).

And whether you believe they're angels, the universe, or just your higher self calling to you, noticing the numbers is no accident.

Angel numbers can change according to the guided messages they are trying to deliver to you, here’s a brief rundown of the “general” meaning behind some of the most common angel numbers.


Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet



 Opportunity awaits!  You can rely on infinite support from your angels.



 Start manifesting – it’s time to fulfil your wildest dreams, goals and desires.  Get it girl.



 You’re lacking balance, pay attention to what you need right now.  Is it a big glass of wine?  A bubble bath?  Maybe it’s time to close the blinds, wrap yourself up in a doona and watch Christmas movies.  Listen and rebalance.



 It’s time to shine!  Dig deep to uncover your life’s true purpose and grab it with both hands



 Your (literal) wingmen want you to know you’re on the right track!  Don’t turn back now.



Change is a’comin’.  A new and better path is emerging, you just need to take the leap



 You’re distracted and need to refocus.  Pay attention to your thoughts right now and focus on re-grounding, the universe is trying to send you a wake-up call.



 Good things are coming.  You’re in the right frequency to manifest your dreams.  Let the good times roll.



 Triple 8s mean money honey.  Financial abundance is yours for the taking.  Get ready to be rolling in them dollar dollar bills y’all.



 Aside from being the emergency number in the UK, dialling 999 is a sign that you are being nudged to finish something.  It’s time for a chapter in your life to close so another can open.



** Do remember that Numerology is helpful when it comes to decoding the meaning in the universe's secret messages, but don't ignore your own intuition when it comes to forming an interpretation.


Just as angel numbers can vary by person, applying their meaning to your life can vary, as well.  If you’re not feeling a connection to these very general meanings, it might be worth meditating to see if there are deeper, more personal meanings behind the numbers. Trust your own inner knowing more than some random article on the internet.



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