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Seven (and more!) Crystals to Keep at Your Desk


Feeling stressed at work?  Might be time to get stoned…

And we are talking of the crystal variety.  Why, what did you think we meant?

We spend so much time working, and our workspace — be it a home office or not —is the place where you most need to focus, get sh*t done, reach your professional goals, smash glass ceilings, and so on and so forth.  

 Here are some of our favourite crystals to help keep you on track in whatever space it is that you get your grind on:



Stress at work is unavoidable, we’re can’t be 100% zen rainbow unicorns all the time.  Use Amethyst to help get you back to a place of calm and relaxation.  Programme it to calm your mind before bringing it into your workspace and use it as a visual reminder to reconnect to a calmer, more zen state of mind whenever you feel the stress coming on.


Rose Quartz

The gentle, loving energy of a Rose Quartz crystal helps you stay in touch with your kind and compassionate side (both towards yourself and others).  Whether you’ve accidentally cc-ed your Manager on that NSFW email forward or found yet another reason to be disappointed with yourself or harsh towards someone else, sweet Rose Quartz reminds you to approach all relationships from a place of love and compassion.



Life is full of distractions and if your next-desk-neighbour is more likely to want to recap last night’s episode of the Bachie than get their brainstorm on, pure Azurite can help draw your focus and concentration back to the task at hand.  Simply being close to this stone can imbue you with its focus-enhancing benefits, so keep it on your desk for a powerful hit of motivation when you need it most.  Easy peasy.



You work hard for the money honey, so it’s paramount that you try to manifest abundance for yourself in your place of work.  Place your Pyrite over your business card or latest project, the golden shimmer and serious manifestation properties of powerful Pyrite will draw money, success and prosperity your way and help you strike gold!



No good at “networking”?  When fostering connections and building relationships, Chrysoprase if the gold standard of wingmen to help you focus on heightening your social and communication skills.  Chrysoprase’s power lies in opening your heart, highlighting your authenticity and supporting sincere and truthful communication so you can connect on a more profound level with those around you.


Black Tourmaline & Shungite

As much as we may all dream of our idyllic off-the-grid lifestyle, most of us can’t escape our very on-the-grid jobs.  And there’s no escaping the negative EMFs being pumped out by tech devices when you have a desk job (whether you’re working from home or onsite).  You can, however, limit the effect that toxic radiation is having on you.  Place a piece of Shungite close to your computer to absorb EMFs and a chunk of Black Tourmaline under your desk to protect you not only from EMFs, but also any negative energy in the space (including that of the co-worker who never washes their own dishes or closes the fridge properly!).



How to incorporate crystals into your workspace…

Use your intuition and get creative!  Remember, this is your space, and while we’ve suggested a few absolute bangers above, you should always surround yourself with what YOU are most attracted to.

You could always try Citrine for manifesting those dollar dollar bills, be the star of your own show by accessing the energetic healing properties of Carnelian or if you’re feeling stuck, use Tourmalinated Quartz to help break through your blockage.  Maybe a Pink Opal for soothing frazzled nerves or a piece of Blue Lace Agate to shift your response to stressful situations so you too can remain calm, cool and collected.

Try using natural stones or crystals as paperweights or bookends.  Use carved stone or crystal platters and bowls on your desk to store pens and bits in.  Keep a favourite or collection of stones somewhere in your regular field of vision as a focus for your attention and intentions.  Place crystals on the soil of potted plants in your workspace (bonus points for the air cleansing properties of greenery!).  And keep a favourite crystal touchstone as a “worry stone” and hold it in your palm for an extra boost of zen magick when you need it most.





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