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Our Full Moon Ritual | Simplified



Crystal cleanse bath

Harnessing the energy of the full moon is the perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals.  A full moon is at its brightest and it is the most potent point of its cycle to cast off any bad juju that is no longer serving you – and your crystals.


Crystals absorb energy, both good and bad, just as you do.


Your crystals will soak the energy of their immediate environment like a super-absorbent Chux wipe and, if they are frequently handled or used for healing practice, they will need to be cleansed of that energy too.


Placing your crystals on or in the earth, or out in the morning sun can help cleanse your crystals, but the energy of the full moon exerts a deeper, stronger pull.


Here are some simple steps to bathe your crystals in the energy of the full moon:


Wash your crystals. If it’s raining, or you’re near a natural water source, this is perfect.  Otherwise, a gentle rinse with our Crystal Cleanse will work (Do NOT wash Desert Rose or Selenite in water as they will dissolve!)


​Lay your crystals out, preferably on the earth or a natural surface. This gives an earthing effect, just like grounding your own body.


Ensure your crystals are in the moon’s light. If you can’t get your crystals outdoors, placing them on a windowsill will also work. You want to make sure the moon’s light will actually hit the crystals.


Collect your crystals in the early morning. The sun also charges crystals, so it’s nice to leave them out into the early morning light – but not too long, without a good SPF, too much sunlight can be too harsh on your crystals (especially Amethyst and Fluorite), just as it is on us – ain’t nobody got time for sunburn.


Charge your crystals with your intentions. You may like to visualise white light around your crystals as you set an intention for their use moving forward.  You can also use some crystals, like amethyst clusters, for charging other crystals.


✨ Give thanks. Hold gratitude for the process and give thanks for the energy work you and your crystals are doing.  A little thank you note to the universe never goes astray.


We know that some of you are new to crystals and this can all seem a little kooky, but you should see a noticeable clearness and brightness to your crystals after this process.  And don’t you feel that little bit more powerful when you’re looking your best?




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