Lunar Energy | September - December 2022

Lunar Energy | September - December 2022

It looks like we are in for a treat to end this year.

With a total Lunar Eclipse of Novembers' Full Moon you may have some unconscious feeling brought to the surface + grounding them in your reality. As Lunar eclipses are culminations of emotional cycles that have run their course, they encourage us to let go of emotions + attachments that are no longer serving us.

It's basically the hard reset of our emotions that we are all needing. Reboot, reflect, forgive and move on to your next adventure.

All this is then followed by a Super New Moon 

on the 23rd December, just before Christmas and the New Year (which we won't be able to see of course).

The new moon is a time to set intentions and launch new projects (new year, new me - am I right?!).

Now remember, this is a NEW moon with a tonne of extra 'oomf' so make sure to stay present, look ahead to the future with optimism, and try not to get bogged down with worries about the past. Let it go, and let it flow.

Love Pete signoff

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