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Spotlight on | Septarian


“I will do what queens do. I will rule. ”


-- Daenerys Targaryen


Also called Dragon Stone, wild Septarian radiates calming, nurturing energies, making it the perfect healing stone to have in your home.  Harmonising your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind, this crystal will help you channel your inner Mother of Dragons, understanding things about this life you’d never considered before and contributing to a truly enlightened existence.


Rally the troops (and Armies of Unsullied) with the improved communication Septarian offers, imparting an energy that affects your audience on a personal level, making them feel as if you’re speaking directly to their soul, and keeping their interest long after you finish speaking.


And enhance your sense of privacy with pure Septarian; after all, a true Khaleesi doesn’t need the validation of Insta-likes and story views.  Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen, queen of empowerment, individual growth and resilience and keep the important things close to your chest.  Yassss queen.


The History of Septarian


The name Septarian comes from the word “Septaria”, which usually refers to any concretion with internal cavities or rocks.  This unique mineral is believed to have formed during the Cretaceous period (roughly 50-60 million years ago), when sea levels were much higher. 


Volcanic activity resulted in the death of small sea life, which then sank into the seabed, as these specimens decomposed, sediment would accumulate and create a nodule.  When the oceans eventually receded, these nodules were left exposed to the air and dried out, causing shrinking and cracking.  The ornate patterns we now see inside Septarian nodules are the result of this cracking.


Septarian stones are found along the Gulf of Mexico, all the way inland to Southern Utah. Other specimens have been discovered in Madagascar, New Zealand and the Wessex Coast of England, where water levels similarly receded.


Recognising Septarian


Septarian specimens are geodes that are a combination of yellow Calcite, brown Aragonite, grey Limestone and white or clear Barite. Septarian nodules contain angular cavities called septaria, which create divisions throughout the stone. These unique septaria can be any length and each Septarian can have many different cracks. 


Septarian has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale.


What is Septarian used for?


Holding a literal eon of time and wisdom within its swirling interior, Septarian is formed from Aragonite, Calcite, Limestone and sometimes Barite.  By these four powers combined, Septarian is a veritable Captain Planet of healing crystals.


Offering the healing and calming vibes of Aragonite, combined with Calcite’s tendency to amplify and clear energy, enhance memory and dampen resentment and animosity; plus, a dash of Limestone’s root chakra connections, grounding the body and spirit, and the clearing and harnessing abilities associated with Barite – Septarian is one powerful mother.


Septarian crystals are strong conduits of earth energy, they reduce anxiety and anger, and they bring about feelings of understanding of the world around you and yourself.


They are used by many healers to help connect with past lives and understand past lessons that may have been lost through time. Meditation with a Septarian crystal over the third eye is said to invoke visions of past lives. You can also sleep with Septarian underneath your pillow to help bring on dreams of past lives and/or symbolism that can be used to understand past lessons and current life situations.


Septarian:  Mother Earth, Mother of Dragons, Bad Motherf*cker.