How to: Clear Heavy Energy

How to: Clear Heavy Energy


So, there’s been a lot going on in your life?  Like say, your job sucks, you’re having family issues, you’re in a toxic relationship, or… you know, there’s a global pandemic that’s been going on for the last three years, WW3 is on the cards and the eastern board of your country is neck deep in shark infested waters.  Over time, negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can build up and leave your energy feeling heavy and dense.


This can (and does!) take a major toll on your every day.


One of the best ways we’ve found to help break through that heavy energy and get back to your peak state of being is a pretty simple crystal ritual.  Instructions below.  Thank us later.


What you need


A Selenite rod or wand

Black Tourmaline


The Ritual


Step 1: Understand what you want to release


Get clear in your mind on where this energy is coming from.  What’s weighing you down and holding you back.  Now choose a word to represent whatever unwanted or negative energy you need to release.  The word could be something as simple as stuck, excuses, anxiety or fear.  Or it could be more personal to you.  The word itself doesn’t matter, as long as *you* resonate with it.


Once you’ve picked your word, envision that energy leaving you and being dispelled back into the universe.  Any time you find yourself experiencing the feeling related to that word, release that frequency from your body so you can move forward without that unwanted, heavy energy. 


Step 2: Clear with Selenite


Cleansing White Selenite, Satin Spar, Maria Glass, Desert Rose…  whatever you call it, Selenite is an essential weapon in any metaphysical wellness worker’s arsenal. This essential white stone purifies your overall energy and prepares you for the deeper work later in the practice, as well as addressing specific energy centres and areas of the body that tend to hold onto heavy or dense energy.


Hold your Selenite crystal in your dominant hand and hover it about 5cm away from your skin (or clothing).  Using a downward motion, sweep the crystal over your head, chest, arms, legs, back, hands, etc.


After this general cleansing, you may want to focus on specific areas of the body – the third eye to clear unwanted thoughts, the heart to cleanse unwanted emotions or feelings, the stomach to flush out anything keeping you stuck or stopping you from moving forward or the root chakra to clear anything that is rocking your foundation (especially related to money and financial trouble).


Finally, use your Selenite wand to sweep down the sides of your body, brushing any energy collected away from your body and into the earth beneath you.


Step 3: Go deeper with Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline works like a super absorbent sponge, soaking up all the negative energy that surrounds it.  The Black colour is particularly important in this practice, because the stone will be absorbing your negative energy and black stones can hold that darkness for you, so you can let it go (Let it GOOOOOOO!).


Start by holding your Black Tourmaline in your dominant hand and closing your eyes.  Slowly scan your body, noticing any areas that feel heavy, dense or stuck.  When you’ve found one of these “sticky spots”, gently rub the stone against your skin, allowing it to absorb the unwanted energy residing there.


Do this for your whole body until there are no sticky spots left.


Step 4: Moving forward


Once you’ve flushed all that bad juju out of your body, it’s time to align your freshly cleansed energy with the life you want to embrace going forward.


It’s time to pick a word again, but this time, make it something good.  Something you want more of in your life – words like abundance, love, happiness or peace (or whatever the hell it is that you’re craving, maybe it’s just sex, or Doritos).  Once you’ve decided on your word, say it out loud three times.  Whisper it, shout it, embrace your own energy however you decide, but put it out into the universe.


Any time that heavy feeling looks like rearing its ugly head again, come back to your word and reconnect with that energy.



Hot tip: After you’ve finished all four steps, don’t forget to cleanse your crystals to rid them of any heavy, unwanted energy you released into them.


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