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Keep “Palm” and Carry On | How To Incorporate Palm Stones Into Your Everyday Life


Palm stones are designed to fit neatly into your palm and have a sensual, tactile shape.  Using palm stones (sometimes called crystal touchstones), is one of the simplest ways to align your spirit with the energy that you want to invite into your life. 


The word “touchstone” has transcended its literal meaning and is now used as a catchall for anything – like a charm or security blanket, or even a thought, song or smell - that can ground you, or connect you to a higher meaning or power, so imagine the power you command by using an actual touchstone as your grounding force.  Just stopping for a second and holding your touchstone can create an overwhelming power shift in your emotional state, it allows you to take a moment to calm the mind, tapping into the healing vibrations of the earth. 


But maybe you didn’t realise that there are so many more ways you could be using your palmstones in everyday life.


Meditation with Palm Stones


Surely, we all know by now that a meditation habit is maybe the healthiest habit any of us can hope to develop (it beats smoking or gambling anyway, trust us).  But transitioning into a meditative or mindful state isn’t always easy, and often, even with the best of intentions, people give up on their practice.  They find it difficult to sit still and focus. 


Never fear – this is where crystals come in handy.  Crystals cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts and doubts, they calm and ground us and elevate our energy, so that you can fully immerse yourself in your meditation.


A palm stone in each hand creates a sense of balance.  The way the stone fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, gives you something to grip and focus on as you invite in positive energy.  And different varieties of touchstones bring all kinds of different benefits.


Try Selenite or Clear Quartz to cleanse and uplift your energy, Amethyst to boost your intuition and purify the mind or Rose Quartz to let a little love in.


Sleeping with Palm Stones


When you have difficulty sleeping, any number of things could be responsible for disturbing your rest.  Whether you have too much on your plate and can’t switch off, or you can’t seem to settle your energy and are constantly worrying you’ve left your hair straightener on, palm stones can bring you the peace you need to sleep easy.


And even if you are just lying there, sleeping sweetly for 8-ish hours every night, you might as well be absorbing some good vibes from your crystals, right?


To use your palm stone at bedtime, try setting it next to you on your bedside table, placing it under your pillow or (best of all) holding it in your palm as you drift off.


Try Epidote for enhancing lucid dreams and restful sleep, Blue Calcite for calming frayed nerves and promoting rest or Hematite to suck up negative energy while your sleep, like a super absorbent Chux wipe.


Massage with Palm Stones


Crystallising your massages can elevate your body work session to previously unknown levels of bliss.  Using crystals along with soft tissue manipulation can reduce not only muscle pain, but also any pain or blocked energy stored in your mind or energy body, helping to bring your body and energy field back into balance to create stability.


Hot stone massage is connected to ancient Mayan practices, but it is in India that we find its true beginnings.  Dating back at least 5000 years to the Ayurveda, using particular stones to connect to, and release each chakra has been practiced by Yogis for literally thousands of years.


Palm stones can also physically be used to release tension.  A correctly shaped palm stone is round and thick in the centre with a nice arched curved shape from the centre to the edges. It should fill your cupped palm, hence the name "palm stone".  Using light pressure, the centre comes into contact with the muscles, harder pressure, the entire stone contacts the muscle.


Try Garnet for the red chakra, located at the base of the spine to bring vitality back to the body, fiery Carnelian to release the orange chakra to promote sexuality and creativity or Lapis for the third eye charka to clear the mind and reset the nervous system.


Exercise with Palm Stones


Sometimes all you need is an energetic push to boost your exercise routine to the next level. Regardless of whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned crossfitter or marathon runner, if you’re looking to excel at your exercise of choice you can use touchstones to help achieve your loftiest goals.


To use your palm stone for exercise, either hold it in your hand for a pre-workout meditation or (depending whether or not you’re exercising handsfree), keep it in your hand throughout your workout for a surge of energy and endurance.


Try Red Jasper to amplify strength and endurance, Tiger’s Eye for a boost in willpower and courage or Bloodstone for resolution and energy.





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