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How to Follow Signs from the Universe


If you're a big believer in that great big higher power, you've probably asked the universe for signs or guidance.  Sometimes we just reach a point in our lives where we have no f*cking idea what to do next and getting a little prod in the right direction from our friend Mr Universe (no, not Arnold Schwarzenegger, the less *literal* Mr or Ms or non-gender specific Universe) can be exactly what we need to ascertain our true path.


When it comes to big life decisions like a move or a career change, asking the universe to provide guidance can be helpful in your decision-making process.  But the universe works in mysterious ways… 


The universe doesn’t have one preferred way of delivering a message, it’s never going to be as simple as “Do this, 100%, this is the right thing”.  Learning to trust and decode the information that comes your way takes practice (and sometimes 20/20 hindsight)!

Sometimes messages may be super vague and require some thought or meditation to figure it out. Other times, messages may be like big flashing neon signs you can't really miss!


Here are some common signs to look out for:



Sometimes your subconscious actually knows the correct path, but it’s hard for your waking mind to find it.  You dreams can contain all sorts of clues to point you in the right direction if you only pay attention.



Oftentimes people will just keep crossing your path until you’ve learned what you need to learn from them. 

An old friend may appear with the right information at exactly the right time or recommend something that might be useful to you.  A long-forgotten co-worker might reach out with a job offer just when you were starting to feel antsy in your current job.  A toxic person from your past may reappear just to reinforce how far you’ve come. 

If you feel like a particular person has shown up for a reason, then they probably have.



If you see the same animal over and over in a short space of time or animals behaving strangely, or showing up in a strange place, this can absolutely be a message from the universe. 

The characteristics of the animal could be a clue, for example, if you see snakes often, the universe may want you to pay attention to big life transitions and healing opportunities. Snakes represent life force and primal energy and have been linked to important changes and manifestations of dreams. 



If you keep hearing the same song over and over, or you have a song inexplicably stuck in your head, you might want to pay close attention to the lyrics, as they could have something important to tell you.



Unexplained pain is one of those flashing neon signs we were talking about earlier.  It can be a symptom of blocked energy that needs clearing, or a metaphor.

Pain in your feet could indicate a fear of moving forward, or blocked ears could suggest that you’re not listening to the things you should be (whether that be your own intuition, someone close to you crying out for help, etc). 



Often delays are thrown at us for a reason.  Like – if you’re on your way to a first date and your shower floods, then you lock your keys inside the house and then hit every red light on the way there, this might be a pretty clear indication that this might not be your soulmate.



But, always remember, that these things are deeply personal and the most important thing is that if YOU feel like the universe is telling you something – it probably is!  xx


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