Delivery + Motherhood Antidote Box ©

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Dealing with the pain of delivery is a beautiful experience but can sometimes be traumatic.  Relief and support can be provided by this collection of gorgeous stones.

Our Delivery & Motherhood Antidote Box © is a powerful collection that will be with you each step of the way, from when your little one arrives earthside and during the sometimes daunting transition into motherhood.



1 x Rainbow Moonstone - fosters maternal energy, soothes negative emotions, balances hormones, heightens intuition, calms hyperactive kids and aids sleeping and nightmares. Believed to aid contractions and promote healthy lactation

1 x Onyx - can help give a mother-to-be stamina and strength to ensure a quick and easy childbirth

1 x Orange Calcite - promotes positive thinking and clears feelings of stress, fear and tension.

1 x Rose Quartz - stimulates unconditional love, self-love and acceptance and helps express emotions, compassion & forgiveness

1 x Lapis Lazuli - stabilises and bonds relationships, brings honesty and compassion, concentrates and calms the mind and provides wisdom to take charge of life

1 x Amethyst - is calming, provides focus and clarity, and promotes the ability to stay in control, and aids in better sleep

 + a raw timber mandala box to house them all in, and a quartz point to power these babies up!


Tip: In using these or any healing crystals, it's often a matter of personal preference but when we're working with a certain stone set we like to keep it on or near us. Popular locations include a pocket, purse, desk, nightstand, kitchen counter or even in the car.


Take Care/Beware:  Healing crystals should never be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Use crystals only as a potential compliment and support to other well being treatments and therapies. Always consult with a licensed medical professional. 


Please note - each box will differ slightly on crystal sizing & patterns, however we endeavour to create each as identical as possible. Regardless of the size of a crystal, its energy properties remain the same.

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