Magickal Mediumship

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Partnering with the Ancestors for Healing and Spiritual Development

This invaluable resource weaves together mediumship, magick, Spiritualism, and ancestral reverence to forge a strong foundation for spiritual development and connection with your deceased loved ones. Danielle Dionne provides hands-on exercises and accessible techniques for improving your practice and creating real change in your life.

Discover the different groups of ancestors, build a practice that honours them, and learn how to work with them for divination and healing. Explore ritual suggestions, recipes for offerings, and rites for crossing over. Meet spirit guides and deities of the dead. You'll also be encouraged to consider your own mortality and what the afterlife will bring. Respectful and captivating, this book presents a unique approach to magick and mediumship.

About the Author

Danielle Dionne (Bedford, NH) is a professional psychic medium. She trained under internationally renowned mediums, including John Holland and James van Praagh, and under prominent magickal and occult teachers such as Christopher Penczak and Devin Hunter. She s been teaching psychic mediumship development since 2009 and runs Moth and Moon Studio, a spiritual development center.

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