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black moonstone meaning

Black Moonstone




“Call her moonchild

dancing in the shallows of a river

lovely moonchild

dreaming in the shadow of the willow.”


-- King Crimson, Moonchild

Black Moonstone holds the energy of the new moon and, with it, new beginnings. Whether it’s a new creative venture, business project, setting new intentions or the start of a pregnancy, reach for Black Moonstone.

Everyone has a dark side, but Black Moonstone’s tender and grounding energy deflects negativity and aids in turning bad moods into positive outcomes. This stone is tightly associated with the moon and the tides, femininity and yin energy. Working with Black Moonstone in sync with the moon’s cycle can help cut through your internal layers, releasing creative thought and gently shedding (moon)light on thoughts and patterns you need to let go of in order to pave your pathway to greatness.