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septarian meaning





“I will do what queens do. I will rule. ”


-- Daenerys Targaryen


Also called Dragon Stone, wild Septarian radiates calming, nurturing energies, making it the perfect healing stone to have in your home. Harmonising your emotions and your intellect with your higher mind, this crystal will help you channel your inner Mother of Dragons, understanding things about this life you’d never considered before and contributing to a truly enlightened existence.

Rally the troops (and Armies of Unsullied) with the improved communication Septarian offers, imparting an energy that affects your audience on a personal level, making them feel as if you’re speaking directly to their soul, and keeping their interest long after you finish speaking.


And enhance your sense of privacy with pure Septarian; after all, a true Khaleesi doesn’t need the validation of Insta-likes and story views. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen, queen of empowerment, individual growth and resilience and keep the important things close to your chest. Yassss queen.