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Facial Serums: those little vials of skincare wizardry that, with any luck, you haven't mistaken for cough medicine.

Serums are like the nutrient-packed shot you add to your morning smoothie, a highly concentrated add-on that promises to get you the results you want from your skincare products more quickly and effectively.

Unearthed Facial Serums blend organic oils, essential oils, antioxidant-rich flowers, and crystals, which all combine to nourish and soften the skin, reduce redness and scarring and help to minimise fine lines.

With a base of rosehip seed, almond, and sunflower oils, this lush oil for dry skin will help to soften skin while intensely replenishing and locking in hydration. 

Pure sweet almond oil contains a high concentrate of fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D, E, and minerals of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Like an invisible shield, it helps to protect the skin from drying and improves the skin's natural barrier function, so you feel silky smooth and supple all the live long day. Sweet almond oil can also be used to help reduce skin conditions like Eczema and Rosacea #winning

Patchouli essential oil helps to regenerate new skin cells, keeping the skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. It is also great for all dry, cracked skin, gently moisturising and repairing damage with its germ busting antibacterial goodness.

Blue mallow is best known in skincare for its ability to soothe dry, rough skin. If you’re suffering from winter dry skin or just naturally blessed with flaky skin (sad face!). The flower extract forms a soothing, protective gel that moisturises and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, to soothe irritated skin.

Rainbow Moonstone is known for alleviating degenerative skin conditions and its ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles, in turn, assisting with general skin health.  Hell yeah goddess.

Directions: Rub 3-4 drops between your palms to warm and gently massage onto your face (or body!). For best results, apply to damp skin after bathing to seal in moisture; preferably last thing before you go to bed, so your skin can use its downtime to heal and rejuvenate!

Ingredients: Rosehip seed oil, Almond oil, Sunflower oil, Patchouli essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil, Lemon Myrtle essential oil, Blue Mallow flowers, Rainbow Moonstone

Take Care/Beware:  Although we only use the finest organic ingredients, please patch test before use to ensure your skin will not react negatively!  To test if you’re allergic, rub 1 drop of the facial serum on your inner wrist/elbow. Monitor the area for 6-12 hours. If you notice any skin irritation, itchiness, rashes or redness, you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Immediately rinse off with mild soap and warm water and discontinue use.

PLEASE NOTE: We do no recommend essential oil blends be used in the first trimester of pregnancy.  

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