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5 signs you’re being “ghosted” (in the spooky way, not the tinder way)


Just like humans, ghosts and humans can be showy b*tches.  If you’ve got a spirit that’s itching to make contact, they’ll use any conduit available, which actually makes it pretty easy to interact with attention-seeking spirits. 


Here are five signs you may have a spooky roommate living rent free in your abode…


  1. Unexplained temperature changes


One of the easier ways to tell if you’re in the presence of a ghost is by paying attention to the temperature.  The reason for this is pretty straightforward.  Ghosts require energy, so when they’re present, the tend to pull energy (namely heat) from their immediate environment. 


And we are not talking about that always cold storage room at the back of the house that the ducted heating doesn’t reach, but those shivers down your spine?  Not for naught my friend.


  1. Phantom scents


No, not that smell that isn’t quite covered up by your bathroom air freshener.  As much as you might like to deny it, you know *exactly* where that smell is coming from.  Perhaps it's a whiff of cigar smoke, even if you've never smoked in your life. Or maybe it's that dish your grandmother used to cook, suddenly present in your kitchen.


This can often be the case if your ghostie is a passed loved one trying to comfort you with their presence.


  1. Weird tech glitches


Though these days the very definition of a ghost is someone who’s *not* sliding into your DMs, our paranormal pals can absolutely hit us up through technology.


The most cliched version of this we often see in horror films is lights flickering on and off. Because some believe spirits can manipulate electricity and energy, a flickering light *could* be a sign that a ghost is trying to communicate with you. Ghosts exist within another dimension, so our supernatural roommates need conduits in order to make contact.


  1. Mysterious noises or object movement


If you don’t have a rogue possum in your roof, or a cat to blame for unexpected night-time noises and knocked over flowerpots, unexplained sounds and object movement could be a sign you have an uncanny visitor.


Have you heard footsteps walking around an empty room, watched doors swing open, or noticed photographs suddenly askew? Unexplained physical shifts in your environment can be another easy way to identify a haunting.


  1. You regularly wake up during the “Witching Hour”


Look, if you’re still awake at 3am on the reg, you might want to check your caffeine habit before contacting your local ghostbuster, but if you’re tucked away in bed and snoring by 9pm and suddenly sitting bolt upright at 3.30am every night… you could be being nudged awake by spirits.


The veil between here and the spiritual world is thinnest between 3 and 5am.  Because the veil is so thin, spirits can wake you up or nudge you, or even come to you in a dream.




If you answered in the affirmative to three or more of the above, there’s a solid chance you have a lodger of the unearthly kind.  Yep, your house is haunted.  But there’s no need to burn it down just yet… stay tuned for our next blog for how to get rid of unwanted ghosties and ghoulies over the next few days.

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