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Crystals for Letting Go


We are constantly changing.  Evolving.  Things (and people) that may have been exactly right in the past could be the things that are holding us back in the present.  If you’ve been feeling trapped, restless or unhappy with how things are right now, it might be time to suck it up, face your fears and move the hell on with your life.


If the last few years has taught us anything, it’s that life is too short to be dragging around shit that doesn’t make you happy.  But letting go can be easier said than done.


Despite what our friends, family (or therapist) would love us to believe, It is *not* easy to shed painful memories, end toxic relationships or let go of the things that weigh us down.


This is where crystals come in… from helping find your new passion, to healing emotional scars, gemstones for letting go are hella healing.  So, without further ado, here are some of our faves.




Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true direction.  If you’re drawn to the icy blue energy of Aquamarine, it could be a sign that you’re actually a mermaid…  or if you’ve checked for a clamshell bra and tail and found neither, maybe you just need a good dose of Vitamin ‘Sea’ and the regenerative healing properties of water. 


Aquamarine is your cold shower wake up call, an icy splash of water to the face, to get over past painful memories, you first need to see logic in problematic emotions and how they affect you.  Wear it over your heart to shield your aura, undo destructive patterns and encourage the presence of angels for guidance and protection.




You have two choices when you get to that “We are never getting back together” stage.  You can either reach for the Taylor Swift, or you can reach for verdant green Chrysoprase.  The June birthstone can transmute negative emotions into positive ones, making it the perfect crystal to have when you’re trying to let go of a situation that no longer serves you. 


Not sure if that f**k you post break-up haircut is the wisest choice?  It's always a fine line between self-preservation and letting go of grudges, and the Chrysoprase crystal’s healing properties are excellent for supporting this delicate balance of emotions.  Its relaxing and serene vibes help cool off intense emotions when the storm of anxiety hits, especially when placed over the heart.


Smoky Quartz


If you find your head constantly filled with thoughts of the past, rather than the present, it might be time to move on from your current situation.  Smoky Quartz’s ground energy can assist with that.


Combining the attributes of both transparent stones and black stones, Smoky Quartz teaches us to be responsible for our own happiness and accept reality. If Smokey Quartz has found its way into your life, it could be a sign that it's time stop making excuses and quit clinging to things or people that aren’t working. The truth can set you free and Smoky Quartz is your annoying GPS lady leading the way.




We’ve all had them – messy breakups, unwise decisions, unrealised dreams and big ideas gone bad.  And some just hang around longer than others.  If you’ve been through a tough time lately, Aragonite energies can help you focus on the important things.  It will keep you moored, even when the waters are choppy.


Radiant red Aragonite is used to clear blockages, in your heart, mind and spirit and provides the uplifting feelings that can help you stop dwelling on what’s hard or painful and remind you of your own strengths, to give you the courage to face whatever comes your way.


Rose Quartz


Helping you to forgive and understand, Rose Quartz is strongly associated with the element of water, its healing properties are naturally fluid.  They wash out those toxic energies and emotions that threaten to weigh you down.


If you’re living your best life, your days will be filled with many and varied loves.  Rose Quartz will enable you to face every day with an open heart and stoke a fierce burning passion to take on the world and everything in it.






  • Shaz said:

    Hi Christina,

    Wow-what a brave and exciting decision to make! I guess it depends on what support you are after. If you like protection while travelling – Malachite, If you need confirmation it’s the right thing to do and you are listening to your intuition – Sodalite, If you want to ensure you have a lot of fun on the trip – Dalmatian Jasper. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions please just reach out ( – Have an amazing time! 💗

    April 05, 2022

  • christina said:

    I would love your guidance.
    Yesterday I got the vision to let go of all my possessions in the age of 64 and go together in 2 yrs only with 2 suitcases around the world and be where we want to be.
    Which gemstone would support me?
    I love your shop and buy your gemstones.
    Would love to support you and have your advice.

    April 05, 2022

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