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Not Vibing with Your New Crystal?


So, you’ve just splashed out on a new crystal.  You’ve been dreaming about this babe, can’t wait to start working with it… but:


Once you start wearing or meditating with it, instead of feeling the positive vibes, you end up feeling off, sick or weirdly negative.  Maybe you start having bad dreams or past traumas come flooding back.  Or you feel more stressed, anxious or depressed than you did in the first place.  Maybe it manifests physically in sleeplessness, headaches or tummy issues.


What gives??  Obviously, you were under the impression that these mystical, magickal rocks were supposed to make you feel better, not worse!


We do occasionally get asked about these types of experiences, so while they’re not super common, let us assure you, if this has happened to you, you are not alone. 


But what should you do next?


The most obvious reason for a crystal to give you the ick is that it’s picked up some bad juju somewhere along the line.  TBH, it’s easy to forget that the first time you handle a crystal, there’s a solid chance that it hasn’t been cleansed in a minute (except when getting them from us). Crystals are mega sensitive and can pick things up at any point in their journey – along the trade route, from being handled in stores or even from disgruntled postal workers (let’s be honest, AusPost’s juju has not been the best of late).


So, there may be nothing wrong with the type of crystal, it might just need cleansing. Always cleanse anything you buy before use.


You can check out our blogs on how to cleanse if you need a refresh!


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But if you are a seasoned crystal owner and you’ve fastidiously scrubbed, saged and moonbathed your pretty rocks already… there may be another culprit.


Reason 2:  Just because you’ve had what seems like a nasty reaction to a crystal, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s doing you harm.  It could be a blessing in disguise.  Sometimes the act of restoring balance can feel pretty horrible, but it’s all part of the healing process.  Kind of like when you experience detox systems on a cleanse, it’s not exactly… pleasant, but at least you know it’s clearing out the bad stuff.


If this is the feeling you’re getting – you may want to continue working with the crystal.  But we’d advise keeping it to smaller, controlled doses.  Or maybe you’re just not quite there yet, in which case, it’s perfectly fine to put it away and come back to it later.  Honouring your timing here is key, you can’t rush the healing process.


Listening to your own body is always paramount and if your experiences are not feeling like part of the healing process and just making you feel shitty, then it’s time to distance yourself from that sucker.


TBH, sometimes a particular crystal’s energy is just not for you. 


Its frequency or wavelength could be disharmonious to your system.  Or maybe it’s too powerful and overwhelming to your sensitive soul.  It could be throwing you off-balance in some way – causing a chakra to overwork or become deficient.  There are a million reasons why it just might not be your vibe.


If this is the case, don’t push it.  Trust your instincts, say your goodbyes and, ideally, pass it along to someone else (who may find its energy perfectly aligned) and reap the good karma that comes along with doing a good deed and making things right in the universe again.


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