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Spotlight on | Green Aventurine


If you’re heading to Vegas, forget the luck of the Irish and reach for brilliant Shamrock Green Aventurine instead.   

But when a gamble starts looking less like a game and more like a fork in your path, sometimes you have to take a risk, and leave what’s safe and secure in the dust – and it’s at these times that Green Aventurine is at its most powerful.  Said to benefit all areas of creativity and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity, Green Aventurine is a gentle stone that gives a sense of calm and enhances happiness, it also helps the bearer to see alternatives and potentials in any situation, giving a positive outlook, courage and inner strength. 

By betting on what you love and are passionate about, you can’t go wrong.  Green Aventurine has your back. 


The History of Green Aventurine 


Found in India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Austria, and Tanzania, Green Aventurine is a crystalline quartz variety, characterised by bright inclusions of Mica or other minerals that give a shimmering or glittering effect to the stone (referred to as aventurescence”), especially prominent when tumbled or polished. 

The name Quartz comes from a Saxon word meaning “cross vein ore”.  Some of the earliest primitive stone tools (axes) fashioned by our ancestors millions of years ago were made from Quartz varieties.  These materials were used because of their hardness and their isotropic brittleness which made it possible to shape the tools with relative ease. 

Speaking in more (relatively) recent times – the gem varieties of Quartz have been used as gemstones and other ornamental objects for thousands of years.  Green Aventurine quartz is a particularly popular lapidary material today, showing an attractive natural green colour when polished or when wet.  

The name Aventurine is derived from the Italian a ventura, meaning “by chance,” and refers to an accident, sometime during the 18th century, when Venetian glass workers were preparing molten glass and accidentally dropped copper filings into a vat of melting glass, creating a unique style of glass identified by its iridescent sparkles, which is used to make jewellery and other decorative items to this day. 

In the past, Green Aventurine has been misnamed Indian Jade, although the specific gravity and refractive index can readily identify Aventurine Quartz from Jade. 


Recognising Green Aventurine 

Aventurine is easily identified by its metallic sheen, and can show colours from green to red, orange, yellow, or blue.    

However, most Aventurine available commercially is green.  The colour of Green Aventurine comes from Fuchsite particles within the QuartzIt is mostly translucent and often banded, but an overabundance of an included mineral may render it opaque.  Due to its grainy structure, Aventurine has an irregular fracture, so raw, unpolished pieces have a rough surface similar to marble or quartzite. 

It is typically a 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. 


What is Green Aventurine used for? 

Legends say that Green Aventurine is an all-purpose healer, used to reduce stress, develop confidence, imagination and improve prosperity. 

Commonly known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” these days, Green Aventurine is the gold standard of wingmen when it comes to manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favour in competitions or games of chance.  Its winning energy makes it the perfect ally for boosting your chances in any situation a blind date, school sports day, a flutter at the racetrack (if that’s your jam) or even landing that big promotion. 

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this aesthetically pleasing stone is merely a magnet for luck.  Green Aventurine’s power lies in its ability to align conditions so “opportunity” is inevitable.   

Carrying Green Aventurine allows you to kick old patterns, habits and disappointments to the kerb, so new growth can take place.  Its zingy green magickal powers bring an optimism and zest for life, letting you move forward with confidence and embrace whatever the hell life throws at you. 

Enhancing creativity and motivation and inspiring grit and resolution in manoeuvring life’s obstacles, adaptable Green Aventurine also reinforces decisiveness and augments leadership qualities and collaboration, bringing a sense of openness to the ideas of others. 

And when it comes to the physical realm, powerful Green Aventurine still has more to offer.  From energetically stimulating the physical growth of premature bubs, young children and teenagers to working to increase overall health and vitality and enhance the intellectual development of children struggling with schoolwork and detrimental hyperactivity, it can be an aid to those with dyslexia and can help with eye problems.   

It also assists with written work, typing and computer skills, and is beneficial in overcoming clumsiness (so long mystery bruises!) 

Green Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect and has been found to be highly beneficial in fighting eczema, rosacea, juvenile acne, and other skin problems.   

Not to mention, wearing Green Aventurine can absorb electromagnetic smog and guard against the constant environmental pollution of modern life.  Pop a little Aventurine in your phone case to protect against its negative emanations.