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Spotlight on | K2 Jasper


K2 Jasper, K2 Granite, Raindrop Azurite, whatever you call it, is a rare and unique stone found in the foothills of the second highest mountain on earth, allowing the bearer to reach the highest “peaks” of consciousness. 

A stone of balance, both emotionally and physically, wear K2 if you’re stuck in the endless loop of go-go-go.  Helping you to step back and go with the flow, K2 Jasper is better at bringing joy back into your life than a box full of puppies (and a lot less work).  

K2 Jasper increases the holder’s insight, so that you are able to find answers and aids intuition to help you connect with the “all knowing” part of your being.  Hold a piece of K2 Jasper if you’ve lost something, close your eyes and the item and its location should appear.  Now… where are those car keys? 


The History of K2 Jasper 

K2 Stone is the name given to a newly discovered stone found in the foothills of the second highest mountain on Earth, K2, in the Karakoram mountain range, which borders Pakistan and China.  These rugged snowy peaks make mining difficult, which is why this special stone is extremely rare and hard to find. 

Only discovered in the last decade, K2 Jasper is not a Jasper at all – it is a granite. 


Recognising K2 Jasper 

With its silvery grey colour, marked with perfectly circular blue orbs, the K2 Jasper crystal has an almost otherworldly appearance.  Like a mystical Fabergé egg gifted from Mother Nature, this relatively new stone doesn’t even seem real and can look deliberately dyed, as the perfectly circular blue spots pop against the silvery grey granite.  


What is K2 Jasper used for? 

Besides its extremely rare and distinctive aesthetic, the K2 Jasper stone vibrates with a powerful energy, which makes it an excellent stone for healing.  Combining the celestial qualities of Azurite and the grounding and stabilising properties of Granite, K2 Jasper grants the bearer a peaceful mind, acting as a stepping-stone to spiritual enlightenment.   

The frequency of K2 Jasper is empirically tied to the third eye chakra, aiding the bearer in opening this chakra and their consciousness to gain access to the “bigger picture”.    

If you seek universal truths, get out of the shallow end of the pool and meditate with your K2 Crystal to go deep.  And by deep, we’re talking out of the suburban pool all together, into the deepest, darkest parts of your mind’s ocean, as far back as past lives and ancestral lineage.  Because it’s when the past and present merge that we begin to see the divine truth of the universe unfolding before our eyes. 

The energy of K2 Jasper opens your consciousness to receive guidance from the higher dimensions, which enables us to make decisions to affect our highest good. 

K2 Jasper reminds us that the higher we climb, the more amazing the view at the top.