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Spotlight On | Iolite


Say goodbye to the old adage “Better the devil you know” with powerful Iolite.  Residing in our comfort zones keeps us from experiencing unknown happiness and fulfillment – Iolite power lies in kicking comfort zones to the curb.  An Iolite touchstone will excite your spirit to make different choices – which might be terrifying at first – but with great risk comes great reward.


When you’re ready to take on challenges headfirst, it’s time to reach for the Iolite.  An Iolite Sphere encourages you to think through your choices and habits. It won’t let you settle for routine, and instead inspires you to do things differently to get a different result.


Work with an Iolite touchstone to discover a newfound confidence that you can use to conquer financial struggles, improve your love life and face your fears.



The History of Iolite


The mineral Iolite, otherwise known as Cordierite, was discovered in 1813 named after French Geologist Louis Cordier.  The name Iolite comes from the Greek “ios”, meaning Violet.  Iolite is also commonly known as “water sapphire”, due to its deep blue sapphire colour.


Only officially named in 1912, Iolite has been used and admired for centuries.  It was popular in jewellery in 18th century Europe but is used somewhat infrequently today.


Said to be used by the ancient Vikings as a lens to see during their ocean voyages, Iolite is also known as the Viking Stone. Iolite enhances curiosity and helps build relationships (but no, it’s not going to help you manifest Travis Fimmel, we already checked).


Recognising Iolite


Like Sapphire and Tanzanite (its fellow blue gemstones), Iolite is pleochroic – meaning it transmits light different when viewed from different angles.


Iolite is a magnesium aluminium silicate and rates a 7-7.5 on the MOHs hardness scale and while it may look like a Sapphire, it is not as durable.


The Iolite stone is found in alluvial deposits as small, transparent, waterworn pebbles in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Namibia, Tanzania and Canada.  Crystals are more commonly found in Germany, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, the United States, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Brazil.



What is Iolite used for?


Iolite is a vision stone and one of its best-known properties is that of eliminating debt.  Instead of living in shame or regret, reach for trusty Iolite to claw your way out of the red.  The Iolite stone unites the mind, body and spirit, giving you the power to re-evaluate your financial situation and stop you from falling over the fabled fiscal cliff.


Iolite restores a sense of perspective to those who feel they are jinxed, and inspires anyone with a chaotic life to start bringing back order in small practical ways.  Connecting with the raw honesty of Iolite helps you to release addiction and prioritise your spending.  Is it really necessary to have subscriptions to Stan, Netflix AND Amazon Prime?   Do you really need those shoes?  Is a $15 Uber really necessary when you could walk it in 15 minutes?  Iolite lends you the courage to say “no” to impulsive and unnecessary spending so you can stop the debt from piling up.


Iolite can also be used to strengthen family units and dispel family crises.  And as an amulet, helps brings travellers safely home.


Physically Iolite creates a strong constitution, ridding the body of fatty deposits.  It diminishes the effect of alcohol and other toxins and supports the liver.  It has also been used to aid the pituitary, sinuses and respiratory system and alleviate migraines.


Iolite resonates with the energy of twilight, a beautiful violet-blue that stimulates the astral bodies and psychic awareness and is one of the best stones to use in psychic healing and spiritual activities, Iolite can open the bearer to psychic talents, is excellent for meditation and astral travel and can stimulate clear psychic visions.  If you have any more luck with the Travis Fimmel thing (or Karen Hassan if that’s your vibe) – let us know.