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Spotlight on | Lodolite


Usually used in meditation, unearthly Lodolite is ready to take you on a magickal journey to another realm.  Lodolite’s powerful, but soothing energies can instantly pull the bearer into a deep meditative state.


Lodolite will bring energies of manifestation into your life, enhance communication with higher beings, increase your spiritual energies and infuse you with a quiet and gentle strength to help you overcome your personal challenges, all leading you down the path to fulfilling your heart’s truest desires.



The History of Lodolite


A stone of many names (Inclusion Quartz, Garden Quartz, Landscape Quartz…), most real Lodolite comes specifically from one area in Brazil.  Lodo or Loda is roughly translated from Brazilian to mean mud and refers to the “muddy” look of the inclusions inside the stone, this also the same in the Greek Language where it means “muddy stone”.


Recognising Lodolite


A Clear Quartz with ethereal inclusions, Lodolite is one of the most fascinating types of quartz.  Often referred to as Inclusion Quartz, Lodolite’s multi-hued inclusions can look like underwater scenes, ethereal landscapes and gardens. 


In essence, a whole other world is formed inside a bigger quartz crystal. You can see clear delineation of another completed crystal or notice several crystals inside one another.


Lodolite has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale.


What is Lodolite used for?


Lodolite is a powerful emotional healer.  A stone of journey, this ethereal beauty helps heal sorrow, grief and trauma from current and past life problems and is is awesome for lessening stress and self-defeating behaviours by breaking down repetitive patterns in relationships and helping to move on with one's life.


Lodolite is a great stone to use if you are planning any type of Shamanic journey whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  In meditation, Lodolite’s soothing vibrations facilitate connection with spirit guides and the higher self. Your Lodolite crystal also helps to ground energy, look deeper into yourself and maintain the awareness and healthy self-esteem required to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

It is also a solid wingman for any period of change and transformation, with its power to help you let go of your ego's attachment to certain behaviours and situations. By its very nature, a loving and gentle stone, above all, Lodolite brings harmony.


Physically, Lodolite assists with detoxifying the body and strenghtening the immune system, as well as the entire nervous system, creating balance in the body. It works well on endocrine glands (including the pineal gland) and is effective for healing eye problems. Lodolite is also a powerful ally in recovery from physical addictions due to its powerful cleansing properties (supports cleansing/detox treatments).



Hot tip: Lodolite also behaves like quartz, in that it amplifies the effect of all other rocks, so the effect of any inclusions within your Lodolite crystal are also magnified!