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Another One Bites the Dust | How to Clean Your Crystals to Avoid the Lack Lustre Blues

Have your crystals lost their sparkle?  While there seems to be a never-ending list of articles on how to cleanse your crystals’ energy – little thought seems to go into keeping your crystal collection physically clean.

Maybe your home isn’t as cluttered with unused china as your Great Aunt Karen’s, but let’s be honest, crystals can be dust magnets.  Because of their electric properties, dust is drawn to crystals, which plays havoc with their natural healing ability.  The ones that want to be picked up the most get covered in fingerprints and crystals we have out on display can quickly lose their “new car smell” (or shine, as it may be – if you’re regularly sniffing your crystals, we might have a bigger issue here).

Anyway – should you just throw your crystals in the dishwasher?  Bring them into the tub with you?  Let them slosh around with a rubber ducky?  Give them a shower? 

Hmmm…  probably not.

Learn how to safely physically clean your crystals with the following simple guide to removing dust, dirt and grime from your crystal collection.


How to remove dust and fingerprints from your crystals

If your home is chock to the brim full of sparkly crystal goodness, you’re going to want to keep on top of this.  If left to its own devices, your collection is going to end up caked in grimy dust that’s almost impossible to safely remove.

Often, people will use a normal dusting cloth or synthetic duster to rid their rocks of household dust, but these can make your crystals static (attracting even more dust) or leave fibres on the surface of your crystals.  Not ideal.

The best way to make your crystals shine again is with a high quality, soft cleaning cloth.  There’s a solid chance you’ll already have one of these in your house – if you’ve ever bought glasses, jewellery, a smartphone, a camera or computer – we’re talking about those little microfiber cloths that usually come home with.  Think about the difference between cleaning your sunnies with a proper cleaning cloth, versus the hem of your t-shirt…  see what we mean?

 These types of cloth are super gentle on the surface of your crystals, won’t shed fibres and easily remove dust and fingerprints – AND you don’t need to use any soap or chemicals to make your crystals gleam.


Cleaning very fragile crystals and clusters

 You’re going to want to be extra careful when cleaning fragile crystals or clusters.  While we’re definitely a “more is more” household – smashing your new crystal cluster into a million tiny pieces isn’t exactly the more we’re advocating for here.

The best way to get into all the nooks and crannies of your delicate clusters is by using a good quality makeup brush or shaving brush as your dusting device.  Use a feather-light touch, and keep a good dusting regimen.  Otherwise, a compressed air blast or special vacuum with a small attachment can do the job.

Cleaning your crystals regularly will save you a world of pain down the track.


Cleaning dirt and grime from crystals

If you haven’t followed our advice above and your crystals have got to the point of true griminess, you can still clean them, but at this point, there is always going to be the risk of damage.

If you need to get ‘em wet – make sure you check the Mohs (mineral hardness) Scale before letting them anywhere near the tub.  Some crystals are water-soluble and should not come in contact with water at all. As a general rule, anything with 'ite' is probably a no go zone - think Kyanite, Selenite etc. Mostly, crystals with a Mohs rating of 6 and above can be cleaned with water.

For serious dirt or mud, you can run your crystals under cool (but not too cold) water, making sure the water flow is not too strong.  If necessary, scrub carefully with a soft toothbrush (either dry or with a mild detergent).  After washing, let them dry (and re-energise) in the sunshine.  

And do not, under any circumstances, put them in the dishwasher.

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