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What the Cleanse? | How to Cleanse Yourself + Space using Sage & Palo Santo

Cleansing, when done right, can cleanse your space of ugly vibes left behind after sickness or a nasty breakup, rebalance energy in a new space or after a death in the home, or even just clear out the bad juju left behind by shitty housemates who refused to help with the dishes.

 Unless you’re a magical unicorn, living on Candy Mountain, even the happiest homes accumulate negative vibrations over time.  So, cleansing your space, even just a few times a year can help maintain the sanctuary we all crave.  And don’t even worry about the possibility of “over cleansing” - it’s a bit like really good French Fries, basically impossible to overdo.  Some people cleanse as much as once a week.   

You can also cleanse your workspace periodically (though ideally not during peak hour in the office or in the middle of a board meeting) and you can even use smudging to cleanse your own energy or the energy of other people.

Cleansing, often reffered to as smudging, is an ancient and sacred ceremony, with roots in indigenous culture, practiced throughout the world for centuries, it can be found in Native American Tribes, Chinese Feng Shui and Wiccan culture, there are even similar rituals performed in Catholicism. 

Cleansing your home, office, or yes, even your body is kind of like taking an energy shower, or even spending a day hiking in the fresh air of the mountains, no distractions, no Wi-Fi signal, breathing in the scent of dead leaves and pine trees - cleansing and refreshing for the soul.

But getting started can be a little intimidating…  right?

So let’s break it down.


We’ve covered the WHY, but WHEN should you cleanse?


Cleansing is hugely beneficial after any kind of major upheaval - new house, new marriage, new crystals or even new furniture or decor (especially if op-shopping or antiquing).  It can help during changes in emotional energy or after sickness or a major re-arranging.  Or even if you just feel like “something is off” or as part of your full moon ritual.  

 Really - as needed, there’s no bad time to cleanse your space.


OK - that’s not difficult - so WHAT DO I NEED to cleanse my space?


Well first of all, the sage you need for cleansing your house isn’t the sort you’re going to pick up in the dried herb section of Aldi, but there are really only four things you need to get that energy cleared. 

A sage stick or Palo Santo (check out our range here); a fireproof container, such as a clay bowl or abalone shell; matches or a lighter; and a bowl of sand (optional; to extinguish your stick when you’re done).   

It’s important to remember that all plants are sacred, not just sage!  Each plant carries its own magical properties and benefits, and it’s up to you to pick one to resonate with your intention. You'll find explanations on the listing of our different types of sage to understand what that sage is particularly good for. If you’re feeling drawn to a specific type of bundle, just trust your intuition, obviously your spirit knows what it needs.

You may also like to use a feather or a white candle, but we’ll get to that.


Easy so far, but HOW do I cleanse my space?


Seriously - this is the easy bit.

It is best to perform with full awareness and in a slow, mindful manner.  The smoke emitted from the bundle will purify and cleanse negative energy, similar to washing your hands before a meal.  Cleansing helps to cleanse a space or person in an energetic bath of aromatic smoke.



How to cleanse yourself and your space in ten easy steps:


  1. Begin by removing all metal objects from your body, with the exception of spiritual jewellery (eg. wedding rings, protection amulets, etc)
  2. Clear your mind, of to-do lists, weekend plans, the time your alarm is set for tomorrow morning and all other thoughts and distractions.  It’s super important to keep your mind on task while cleansing
  3. Let there be fire!  One of the nicest ways to do this is to light white candle, while envisioning your intentions.  Then use the candle to light your sage/palo stick (but a match or lighter will work just fine)
  4. Hold the lit stick in your hand and let the fire take hold for about 30 seconds, or until the herbs start channelling Puff the Magic Dragon and producing a billow of smoke.  Then blow it out, so the embers are glowing
  5. Now it’s time to get your cleanse on.  Hold the fireproof container in your other hand and slowly purify yourself by fanning the smoke over your body starting with the area above your head and continuing down to your feet. Do not forget to breathe deeply as you do this
  6. Then, walk around the space you want to cleanse, moving in a clockwise direction.  Go from corner to corner and let the smoke fill the room, you can use a feather to fan the smoke if you choose. PRO TIP - Pay particular attention to mirrors, areas with plumbing, cupboards & corners - bad vibes LOVE these areas!
  7. Remind yourself to stay connected to your breathing throughout the smudging session.  Don’t drop your intention or become distracted. No need to chant or do anything kooky you're not comfortable with, for us, we simply like to think (and sometimes say out loud) "Please allow protection to this space, let any negative energy be free to leave and let light and love enter this space."
  8. Every time a cinder forms, allow it to drop into the bowl
  9. When you have completed all areas of your house, return to the starting point and gently extinguish your stick. Dipping it into a bowl of sand while applying a bit of pressure usually works well 
  10. Let the ashes cool and them put them back into the Earth.  Give thanks to the Earth for the plant or wood that you have used

Cleansing the right way is to cross the barrier that separates us from the spiritual realm and successfully communicate with the Divine to let them work their magick through us.


And that’s all there is to it.  Go get cleansed.




  • Shaz said:

    Hi Melissa, you absolutely can reuse the same stick! I even have a huge Palo stick I’ve been burning on and off for around 4 years. I hope this helps 😊

    April 29, 2022

  • Melissa said:

    Can you reuse the same sage/Palo stick or do you need to return it to the earth too with the ashes?

    April 19, 2022

  • Shaz said:

    Hi Olivia, we certainly do! You’ll find them under the ‘shop collections’ navigation on our website 😊 Have a great day!

    April 05, 2022

  • Olivia said:

    Hi I was wondering if you sell the smudging stuff by any chance to cleanse the house an myself

    April 05, 2022

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