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I Will Become Yours, and You Will Become Mine | How to Choose a Crystal

Get “Stoned” – How to Choose Your First Crystal
Crystals of varying shapes, hues, powers and energies have captured the human imagination for thousands of years.  According to the ancient Greeks, Atlanteans used crystals to power their homes and city, aid agriculture, assist with healing and childbirth, and increase psychic ability among so much more.
Crystals continue to capture contemporary imagination (anyone else still get nightmares from The Dark Crystal?), and these days, you’ll see them displayed everywhere from yoga studios to home décor shops. 
But as a crystal newbie, how are you supposed to pick the right one?
Answer: You don’t choose the crystal. You let the crystal choose you.  
And there are two simple ways to let your first crystal choose you as its lucky owner.
Method 1:  Choose a Crystal with your intuition
Using this method, it’s as simple as allowing yourself to be guided by your instinct, rather than picking the one first to hand. Often a crystal will appeal to you, even though it may not be the most "attractive" of those on display.
Always go with your initial response, certain crystals will just catch your eye.  Then ask yourself, how does that particular crystal make you feel?  Do you feel a pull towards it?  Does it light you up inside?  The one that captures your attention is almost always the right vibrational match for you.  So, whether you need a stone that’s calming, energising, prosperity-bringing, heartbreak-healing or something else entirely, the right crystal will find you.
Put simply, trust your gut.
Method 2:  Choose a Crystal by its properties
If you are looking for a crystal for a specific need or purpose then go for a book or website that can help with info about the metaphysical properties of crystals (abundance, protection, confidence, etc).  Explore the intrinsic properties of the crystals, to find the mineral that best suits your intention, a little research might be required, remember knowledge is power.
On our webstore, you’ll find the metaphysical properties on each listing to correspond with that stone, and also HERE in our crystal encyclopaedia which we’re working on expanding. In addition to this our website is super smart and you can search by your ‘feels’, and if your feels aren’t listed, simply use the search function and it will help suggest something for you.
All good crystal books should come with an index, enabling you to look up the properties, not just the name of the crystal.  But don’t over think it.  If you’re being drawn again and again to the same crystal – that’s your intuition talking. 
Listen to her.
One more thing…
Take your time – you have plenty of time to grow your bound-to-be epic collection.  In fact, often it’s better for beginners to start with just one crystal.  Use it for a couple of weeks and be mindful about any changes that occur in your life or behavior, the differences might be subtle, but hopefully positive! 
Once you understand the power that crystals bring to your life, you can go back for more.  If you’re anything like us, once you’ve started, you won’t be able to stop… that’s right – crystals are the metaphysical equivalent of Pringles – “once you pop, you can’t stop.  You heard it here first.


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