Maligano Jasper Flat Palm Stone

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**Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.

Each piece of Maligano Jasper looks like a miniature abstract art creation. The mottled colours and patterns instantly draw one in, relaxing the body and mind.

It is quite soothing in its energy. Very mellow, very laid back. As you work with Maligano Jasper, you will find that your own energy will mellow out as well.

Most darker Jaspers are about grounding, planting your feet into the earth. This Jasper is more correctly used in finding your centre, thereby finding balance within the body and without.

For those who may be rigid in their beliefs, Maligano Jasper can help to loosen the bonds of black and white thinking to open up to the colour in the middle. To allow for more possibilities and perceptions.

Often times, we are locked into patterns created long, long ago without even realising it. This Jasper can aid you in recognising these patterns, determining if they are helpful or harmful, and taking action to release or retain, and move on to creating new and/or more healthy patterns.

Maligano Jasper is very helpful when working within a group to achieve a common goal. It carries a very distinct energy of teamwork, not individual ego (which can often ruin the dynamic of a group).

This Jasper will help you to set up a sturdy/firm foundation for any new project of idea. It will help you to see alternatives and possibilities while also allowing to understand any set back or hiccups along the way. You will be able to handle each, both positive and negative, with poise and grace.

This is such an even keeled and smooth energy that it can help even the most hyperactive and/or uncooperative to "Slow down and smell the roses".

Maligano Jasper reminds us that our time in this physical manifestation is limited and we should make the most of it, not blast through without forethought. We manifested our time here to learn chosen lessons, to experience specific adventures, to connect with soul family on this plane. Often we run off course each time we see a shiny, sparkly new bobble or toy that we must have. Before you reach for another material toy, as yourself, "Is this why I am here?" Where is the lesson? How does this allow me to grow? or is this a detour of my own making? a way to stall my real reason for being here?

Maligano Jasper can help to remove all types of blockages--from creative endeavours (like writers block) to the more intellectual pursuits. If you are stuck, this Jasper will help you to push past to newly opened ideas and creations.

Maligano Jasper is a "get back to basics" type of stone. There is something to be said for simplicity. We tend to complicate our lives and situations when it is not necessary. Now is the time to re-evaluation, let go of non necessities, and find joy in all things, both big and small.

The message of Maligano Jasper is this, "Step back, take a breath, re-evaluate, and make course corrections as needed."

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