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We have all lost people (and pets) dear to us and sometimes grief can be a little overwhelming. These stones have been selected to help support you through your grieving period.


EMERALD; promotes harmony from within

AMETRINE; carries qualities of both amethyst & citrine; uplifts and invigorates joy, soothes negative emotion and clears blockages

MOSS AGATE; helps to look to the future after experiencing grief or loss

MOOKAITE; provides strength and protects from the emotional pain of loss

AQUAMARINE; gives courage when going through the sorrow and grief

RHODOCHROSITE; the ultimate healer of the heart

+ a raw timber mandala box to house them all in, and a quartz point to amplify your new babes!

TIP: In using these or any healing crystals, it's often just a matter of personal preference but when we're working with a certain stone set we like to keep it on or near us. Popular locations include a pocket, purse, desk, nightstand, kitchen counter or even in the car. Disclaimer: Healing crystals should never be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Use crystals only as a potential compliment and support to other well being treatments and therapies. Always consult with a licensed medical professional. 

**Please note - each box will differ slightly on crystal sizing & patterns, however we endeavour to create each as identical as possible. Regardless of the size of a crystal, it will still emit the energy property the same.

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