Phosphosiderite Rough | Large

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All of our rough pieces are sized not by eye, but by weight so we can be sure all pieces within a size are cohesive. The weight range for these Large roughs is as follows:

Weight Range: 120-220 gms

**Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.

A stone of healing, Phosphosiderite works wonders with the Heart and Third Eye chakras to balance these energy centres and allow one to gain a better understanding of ones spiritual path. It can help one to communicate with spirit guides and angels, and is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation.

Use Phosphosiderite when you need to gain a better understanding of your past lives and, in turn, better understand your life in the now. It can be an excellent stress-reliever when worn or carried.

Physically, Phosphosiderite can help with insomnia, if placed under your pillow; alleviate upper respiratory ailments such as colds/flu and other lung infections; help with abdominal issues, heart ailments, and the thyroid.

Phosphosiderite will help you break away from emotional ties that bind you to people you no longer want to be a part of your life.

It will help look after your best interests. It will keep you away from things or people that don't deserve you.

If you are in a committed relationship, it will help bring you and your partner closer to each other. It will align your lives together, and it will inspire you to achieve your relationship goals together.

It will open you up to greater personal and emotional growth.

You will be able to leave behind all the things that hurt you, and you will be able to look forward to all the wonderful things that await you in love!

Phosphosiderite is also known as the Stone of Healing and Hope, because it has the ability to do just that.

It is a wonderful healing stone that will get rid of all your hurt and anger and heal you from your emotional trauma.

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