channelling | meditation | self-healing


CHAKRA:  heart, crown

SIGNS:  gemini

ELEMENT:  earth, air

PLANET:  earth


CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  monoclinic

COLOUR:  green, black-green

AFFIRMATION:  “As I transform and release my past, I awaken my true nature”

BEST FOR:  recalling memories and dreams from past lives, conduit for receiving messages from the universe, encourages divine development, raising kundalini energy

ORIGINS:  North Korea, South Korea, USA


Asterite resonates strongly to the Astral Realm and is accompanied by primal forces of energy that help you identify with the organic, celestial senses within yourself. If you like to work with divinity and immortality Asterite will open your mind, body and spirit in unison. The stone is a conduit for receiving psychic messages and visions from the Universe and can reanimate memories and dreams from past lives. Asterite is a gemstone that channels forces of nature and therefore makes the perfect stone to work with when you want to strengthen your control and connection with the Elements.

The stone activates strongly to the Root and Heart Chakras creating the perfect bridge between lust and love. If you want a good gemstone that will ground you and encourage you to become who you are meant to be in terms of your divinity and purity then Asterite is a stone that will open your psychic mind and heart together.