grounding | stability | self-confidence


CHAKRA:  root, sacral

SIGNS:  leo

ELEMENT:  earth

PLANET:  earth, venus


CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  orthorhombic

COLOUR:  brown, bronze, metallic

AFFIRMATION:  “I breathe in self-confidence and breathe out doubts”

BEST FOR:  for protection and repelling negative energies, clears confusion and helps when making decisions

ORIGINS:  All over the world, including the USA, Austria, England, South Africa, India, Norway and Greenland

COMPANION STONES:  to expand your mind and consciousness - Phenacite, Danburite, Angelite, Sugilite, and Black Kyanite;  to open and unlock the heart – Rose Quartz and Rhodonite

RARITY:  common


Bronzite is also known as the “stone of courtesy,” as it believed to boost such feelings as love, equality, and protect anyone. Overall, it’s a lovely stone with a bronze-like polish and lots of amazing properties. For instance, one of the Bronzite properties is its power to bring inner peace and enable the owner to eliminate negative emotions.

As with any brown stone, Bronzite carries the grounding energy and brings some peace to the owner. It is said to boost one’s self-esteem. And in case you need some help with challenging choices, Bronzite will assist you in being strong and getting through it.  This is incredibly helpful when the wearer senses they lack control or lose their grasp of a situation. This gem helps you get focused on what’s essential to you, and not someone around you.

Bronzite carries an energy that promotes peace and balance and will help the growth of emotions of empathy and forgiveness.

Under stressful circumstances, this crystal will help you to stay calm. Amongst other metaphysical properties of Bronzite is its capacity to be a strong psychic protector.

It is recognized by ancients for its ability to send negative energy back to the sender. (Although with this stone the energy goes back and forth as some sort of ethereal boomerang, so it’s better to pair it with another powerful protective stone, like obsidian, for instance.).

This crystal also has the power to connect you to your spirit guides, and it’s also a good gem for manifesting abundance.

Our root and sacral chakras are getting active when you are working with Bronzite. It will help bring focus, determination, drive, and control back into your life. It affects the heart chakra too and promotes compassion and forgiveness.