communication | self-expression | patience


CHAKRA: throat, heart, root

SIGNS: taurus, gemini, virgo  

ELEMENT: water

PLANET: mercury

MINERAL FAMILY: silicate  

CRYSTAL SYSTEM: orthorhombic

CRYSTAL GROWTH HABIT: nodular, botryoidal, stalactite, large mass   

COLOUR: light blue to bright blue, often has darker blue and green inclusion (azurite + malachite)

AFFIRMATION: “I welcome love and different phases of my life with peace.”

BEST FOR: empowering energy, brings peace to erratic people, reduces feelings of overwhelm, calms the mind to make decisions, emotional healing, aids truthful loving communication, relieves guilt and fear  

ORIGINS: Congo, Chile, Russia, USA, Australia   

CRYSTAL COMPANIONS: for cooling angry emotions – amethyst, for expression – citrine, increasing intuition – azurite, for negative energy – apache tears


If you are constantly looking toward the horizon, Chrysocolla is the energy your free spirit needs to stop dreaming and motivate yourself to achieve. A gentle, harmonious stone, often associated with monasticism, Chrysocolla can alleviate the anxiety and sense of isolation that comes with an inward focus and propel you into the status of best ever wingman…  for yourself.

Inspired by the energy of willpower and confidence, Chrysocolla will ease your fear, anxiety and guilt and bring hope.  With a Chrysocolla crystal by your side, you will feel motivated to transform your future ambitions into present realities.   

Get it girl.

Physically, Chrysocolla is used to treat asthmas and emphysema, TB, pneumonia, muscle cramps, spasms, arthritis and headaches and is used for protection during childbirth and pregnancy.