Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite

Cotton Candy pink, Mangano Calcite’s sweet, delicate energy is all about love, compassion and forgiveness, not just for others, but, more importantly, for yourself.  We’ll spare you the self-help poster clichés (no cats hanging from trees or epic sunsets here), but you have to love yourself.  It’s going to take forgiveness, some compassion and a little wisdom.


AFFIRMATION:  “I deeply love, respect and accept myself”

BEST FOR:  emotional well-being, heart connections, empathy, wholeness, forgiveness

ORIGINS:  predominantly Romania, Peru, Bulgaria, Mexico, Madagascar, Russia, Australia and Japan

COMPANION STONES:  to clear and ‘reset’ the heart space – rose quartz, morganite, rhodochrosite, kunzite, pink tourmaline, for anxiety – lithium quartz, labradorite, howlite, agate

RARITY:  uncommon


The History of Mangano Calcite

The name of this pink mineral is a lot simpler than many other crystals, as it was named for its chemical make-up.  Calcite is found all over the world, with the pink varieties most commonly hailing from places that have rich Manganese deposits like Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Mexico, Peru, the United States and UK.

Given that Calcite is so often present in marble and limestone, it has been used as a base for architecture and construction throughout history.  Mangano Calcite in particular has been used to help attract romantic and self-love since time immemorial. It is also thought to be connected to the Divine Feminine.


Recognising Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite, also known as Manganoan Calcite, is a variety of Calcite rich in Manganese, which gives the mineral is distinctive pink hue.  Its colour can range from light to dark pink depending on the amount of Manganese in it. It's common to have white inclusions of Calcite within this crystal, sometimes in a banding formation. 

Mangano Calcite has a hardness of 3 on the MOHs scale.


What is Mangano Calcite used for?

These pretty in pink stones are excellent healing crystals to bring an increase of love and compassion into your life. Mangano Calcite softens the hardest and most protective hearts.  Mothers, holistic healers, and medical professionals can depend on this crystal to provide strong, nurturing energy.

Mangano Calcite’s crystal energy stimulates a connection to the love of the Divine, helping to promote the loving, caring and nurturing feminine side of your nature, regardless of your gender identity or assignation.  Its action helps to boost the flow of spiritual vibration from the crown chakra through the higher chakras to the heart chakra.  This can assist in all types of spiritual healing as this vibration flows through your entire being.  Brings a whole new meaning to the ol’ “vibrator for self-love” theory.

The energy of Mangano Calcite helps you to release habits that may have been holding back your forward progress.  Still texting that toxic ex?  Reaching for the vodka to help you survive the week?  Or refusing to throw out those jeans that haven’t fit for six years?  By making a connection to the higher heart, sweet Mangano Calcite aids the bearer to a greater comprehension of the value of self-love.  This is also an outstanding gemstone for healing your inner child, as it can help liberate you from issues stemming from childhood and help embrace the self-love you so deserve.

Physically, this type of Calcite is thought to help those recovering from illnesses of the heart, bones, or kidneys.  You can also utilize the gently healing energy of this stone to treat anxiety and other nervous disorders, as well as overcome trauma.