Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite

nurturing | joy | peace


CHAKRA: heart

SIGNS: libra

ELEMENT: earth

PLANET: venus, earth

MINERAL FAMILY: calcium carbonate


COLOUR: pink 

AFFIRMATION: “I approach life with love and compassion.”

BEST FOR: heart healing, empathy, encourages unconditional love

ORIGINS: Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil 


Sweet Pink Calcite is a stone of peace and serenity.  Like a pink cashmere swaddle, protecting the bearer from the unpredictability of this “it that really all there is” life, compassionate Pink Calcite will infuse you with energies of tranquillity and wellbeing.

A healing stone with a gentle, but potent energy, this stone has the ability to magnify its energies and soothe and clear the physical and emotional body.  Ideal for assisting counsellors and healers to forge strong and energetic connections with their patients, the healing energies of Pink Calcite help boost self-esteem and self-confidence.

Giving us permission to be soft on ourselves, when the default setting seems to be relentlessly tough, Pink Calcite reminds us that our emotional trauma (whether it be from a broken heart, loss of a loved one, oppressive or unjust social system or even Mercury being in retrograde) shall indeed pass.  It just takes time.  Sometimes a lot.  In the meantime, Pink Calcite has your back, letting you feel the feels, release suppressed emotion, clear your energy channels and enhance the flow of energy between your chakras.