Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

intuition | clarity | balance


CHAKRA: sacral, crown, third eye

SIGNS: cancer

ELEMENT: water

PLANET: moon



COLOUR: white with black inclusions and multicolour lustre

AFFIRMATION: “I am open and receptive to life.”

BEST FOR: balancing emotions, women’s health, increasing physic abilities and dream work

ORIGINS: India, Madagascar, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sri Lanka, USA

CRYSTAL COMPANIONS: for healing past trauma – rhodonite, for encouraging independence – sunstone, for emotional balance – labradorite, for getting out of your comfort zone – indigo gabbro, for understanding yourself – amazonite


This dreamy, ethereal stone directly channels the moon, a formidable force that has the power to push and pull the tides of the five deep oceans, not to mention your emotions.

If you’re seeking depth in a world of insta-friends, fear of commitment and compulsive FOMO, let goddess Moonstone take you back into your own natural rhythm.  Because of its connection to the moon, this is a crystal that rules at soothing pain and emotions during that time of the month as well as unlocking the goddess within, making it the best stone for balancing hormones and offering support during periods of major hormonal change, such as childbirth, puberty, or menopause.

Moonstone can help calm responses and stress and avoid overreaction.  It brings hope and enhances sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities.  It is also said to bring strong energies of abundance to your life, especially when working in tandem with its namesake.

Use Moonstone in concert with the New Moon to set intentions and resolutions. Or, under a full moon, bring moonstone into the bedroom with your partner (or partners, or solo for that matter – no judgement here!) to ignite a transcendent, next level experience.