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Spotlight on | Aragonite

We’ve all had them – messy breakups, unwise decisions, unrealised dreams and big ideas gone bad.  And some just hang around longer than others.  If you’ve been through a tough time lately, Aragonite energies can help you focus on the important things.  It will keep you moored, even when the waters are choppy. 

Radiant red Aragonite is used to clear blockages, in your heart, mind and spirit and provides the uplifting feelings that can help you stop dwelling on what’s hard or painful and remind you of your own strengths, to give you the courage to face whatever comes your way. 


The History of Aragonite 

Aragonite was first recorded in 1790 and named for the Spanish province of Aragon where it was discovered. 

Usually mined in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico, Aragonite is a sought-after stone because of its metaphysical properties. It is believed to help raise your Kundalini and even connect you to your spiritual guides. 

Chemically the same as Calcite, Aragonite’s popular glassy, ornamental self can be found in layered or banded varieties.  The shells of certain molluscs, such as abalone, are actually made of Aragonite, which gives them their mother-of-pearl lustre Natural pearls are also mostly formed by Aragonite, which bonds with Conchiolin, a process that takes around seven years to complete. 


Recognising Aragonite 

Aragonite is also known as Tchazar Crystal and Tufa.  This carbonate gemstone is most commonly transparent and colourless or white.  Aragonite can often be of various shades of yellow, blue, red, pink or green.  

Aragonite is a fairly brittle stone, rating a 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it is not usually faceted for jewellery. 


What is Aragonite used for? 

Aragonite is a grounding stone. It has the power to overcome false illusions we may have, and brings truth to the forefront, whether one likes it or not. 

Aragonite holds a very strong life force current, boosting Kundalini and enhancing universal connectivity.  It is an excellent Earth-healer and grounding stone that connects to ancient knowledge to release immense healing energy from the land. 

Brittle Aragonite has a reputation for getting to the root of a situation. If you have an issue that you’re sweeping under the rug, it’s going to bring it up so fast that even the rug disappears.  Aragonite can bring to the forefront all that anger, fear, unresolved emotions and sweet out every other dusty, cobwebby corner within your mind and body that you’ve been putting off dealing with until “another time”.  

On the upside side, working with Aragonite means that IF you deal with your so-called dark side, there will be a gift waiting for you when you’re through Your Aragonite stone invites you to get deeper, to look closer and unresolved issues to the surface so that you can heal and Let. Them. Go. 

Carrying Aragonite is great for stress and will keep you from making decisions based on your wild emotions (or reaching for the vodka).  It will promote focus and strengthen your concentration.  A stabilising stone, Aragonite has plenty of centring energies. When you have Aragonite by your side, you'll discover how much easier it is to defuse confrontation and bring peace to explosive situations.   

Actually, it couldn’t hurt to be packing Aragonite at the next family function…