Spotlight on | Citrine

Spotlight on | Citrine

Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. It emanates more positivity and joy than a box full of puppies.  Known in crystal work as the “Success Stone”, it’s time to open yourself to letting this fiery stone’s golden energy lift you up.

We all have dreams and aspirations.  Sometimes we just need a little extra help coaxing them out.  Whether it’s a creative epiphany or a move to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Citrine will have your back, like a super reliable BFF that never bails on you for that guy from Tinder with the abs.


The History of Citrine

Citrine crystals have been prized by humankind for thousands of years, first finding appreciation in Ancient Greece, where it was used as a decorative gem (surprise surprise, Citrine is hella pretty). 

Citrine was often carried as a protective stone to ward against snake venom and evil thoughts, beginning a storied history of Citrine as a repellent of negativity.  Our ancestors believed that possessing a stone would bring wealth and abundance, success and true love.  To leverage these powers, Egyptians used Citrine gemstones as talismans, the ancient Greeks carved iconic images into them, and Roman priests fashioned them into rings.

Bright, joyful Citrine has basically always been extolled as a stone that holds no negative energy, but instead instils the bearer with confidence and healing wisdom, while repelling bad vibes.

Though the stone has an abundant history of being used in jewellery by ancient civilisations, Citrine is actually very rare today. Most Citrine seen on the market is actually Amethyst that has been heat treated to achieve a yellow hue. 


Recognising Citrine

Citrine is a semi-precious gemstone belonging to the quartz family.  It gets its warm hue from the presence of iron within its chemical structure.  Based on the levels of iron, Citrine can be found in shades ranging from pale yellow to brownish red.  And while orange is the colour most associated with Citrine, stones with a saturated golden hue and fiery orange flashes are the most sought-after.

Selenite has a hardness of 7 on the mohs scale and has a good toughness, making it especially suitable for jewellery and ornamentation.


What is Citrine used for?

Also known as the “Light Maker,” the Citrine crystal is like Vitamin C for the soul, emanating positivity and joy.  Citrine is famous for uplifting your spirit and aligning your energy.  Whether you tend towards the pessimistic, or you’re going through a rough patch and need to shift your state, the bright and vibrant energy of your Citrine crystal will emit a higher frequency to stimulate feelings of optimism and positivity. It guides you out of the darkness and into the light. 

The November birthstone’s properties of wealth and abundance are some of its most well-known. If it’s dollar dollar bills you’re coveting, this is the stone to aid in the manifestation, earning Citrine its other nickname, the “Merchant’s Stone”.  Citrine also promotes generosity, so the prosperity and success can be shared.

Other Citrine properties are linked to the creative process. Whether natural or heated, citrine is said to activate the imagination by enhancing mental clarity and allowing for the flow of ideas and visualisation.

Citrine is the perfect stone to combat negative energy of any kind, by breaking it up and dissipating it.  Add a piece of Citrine to the bedroom to bring light and abundance into your intimate space, or to a child’s bedroom to bring a sense of security and golden light force.  Or place Citrine in your office or workspace to promote a sense of peace and confidence that could rival Kanye on his best day.