Creedite is a rare mineral that is formed from the oxidation of Fluorite ore and can be found in white, orange, purple, black and even colourless formations. This stone was first found in Creede, Colorado which is where its name comes from. The best specimens come primarily from Mina Navidad, Mexico, where this specimen is from. The Orange Creedite “porcupines” occur in the same mine in Mexico where rare Pink Fluorite is found.

Creedite is a rare stone that expands awareness. It increases awareness giving you a more expansive perspective. It promotes expression, especially with spiritual ideas that may be difficult to explain. It helps discover blocks in your path and guiding you in the right direction.

Creedite is great for allowing you to sit back and observe a situation instead of reacting emotionally. It can also help you to accept things for how they are instead of how you wish they could be. To move in alignment and integrity to understand the lessons you are learning in life. The crystal serves as a powerful guardian of spiritual health and a facilitator in helping to understand and to access ancient knowledge.

Keep Creedite with you when you need some extra motivation or inspiration from life. Place Creedite in your home to help you stay objective in situations and to learn from your experiences. A useful aid in meditation because of its high vibrational frequency, helping to grow consciousness.