Diorite, also known as Marshmallow Stone, is a little-known rock but one that can help us when we are feeling upset or angry about something. It helps us by teaching us not to react quite so strongly to whatever trigger sparked our anger. It can calm us and make us feel much more relaxed.

Diorite is also said to be useful when you want to avoid making careless mistakes in your work and in your life.

Although it is perhaps little known nowadays, ancient builders used Diorite for their important buildings. The buildings that had high significance for them, government buildings, temples, city gates etc, buildings that they wanted to make a statement with, and the buildings that they wanted to last forever !

The Incas, the ancient Egyptians and the Syrians, among others, all used Diorite as a structural stone and many important vases, sculptures and other decorative works have also been found created from Diorite.

It has a sense of strength, history, importance and permanence about it that we can still feel when we handle Diorite today.