Dumortierite is a very powerful stone that is very useful for anyone who does psychic works. It is the stone of tranquillity and tolerance. It brings patience, stirs positivity, calmness, and mental discipline. It is a stone of communication that will help anyone with their idea verbalisation and the ability to speak out.

Dumortierite is associated with several attributes, such as unlocking the third eye and throat chakras. Its blue colour induces relaxation and a feeling of harmony. It also has the ability to enhance one’s intellect. It is mainly linked with the Virgo and Leo zodiac signs and it is also considered to be the December birthstone.

Dumortierite is considered to be a good luck stone for achieving wealth and good fortune and is very helpful, especially for those that wish to start a business.

This stone will raise your intuitive side and intellectual capacity. Use this stone to help you overcome shyness and enhance your communication with others. 

For those who feel mentally foggy, unable to concentrate or focus, its energy will offer much support by helping you collect your thoughts.