Garnierite aka Green Moonstone

Garnierite aka Green Moonstone

healing | balance | freedom


CHAKRA:  heart

SIGNS:  leo, virgo, gemini

ELEMENT:  earth

PLANET:  earth

ALTERNATIVE NAMES:  Green Moonstone, Falcondoite

CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  orthorhombic

COLOUR:  shades of green with grey veins

AFFIRMATION:  “I embrace and see clearly my soul path ahead of me”

BEST FOR:  helps you to stay focused, manifesting prosperity, aids with emotional healing, helps to relieve stress and overwhelming feelings

ORIGINS:  Madagascar, Spain, France, USA

COMPANION STONES:  to heal deep traumatic wounds use with Selenite and Quartz

RARITY:  rare


Refresh your perspective with this mint green veined Garnierite. Garnierite uplifts the spirit with its light, caring essence. Even when we're determined to create positive changes for ourselves, it can be difficult to see our goals through.

The healing properties are great for those who have come a long way in their progress but need help pushing themselves that last mile toward the finish line. Garnierite is a reminder to get out and get green. Eat more green food. Connect with nature.

Open up that heart chakra! When you're living in this vibration, the healing energy surges through your veins to make you come alive again and raises your vibrational frequency. When you need to reawaken your mind, body and spirit, reach for Garnierite as your touchstone.