balance | intuition | happiness


CHAKRA:  throat, third eye, crown

SIGNS:  sagittarius


PLANET:  neptune


CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  isometric

COLOUR:  purple, pink, white

AFFIRMATION:  “I am open to infinite possibilities”

BEST FOR:   healing, balancing hormones, promoting peace and happiness

ORIGINS:  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma

RARITY:   rare - gem grade is very rare


Hackmanite is a wonder of nature..

Discovered in Greenland in the late 1890's, Hackmanite is named after Finnish geologist Victor Hackman. It is a rare occurrence to find gem-grade hackmanite; at best, most crystals are translucent.

Hackmanite is a variety of Sodalite that is a deeply coloured pinky purple when it is first mined, but upon exposure to sunlight fades to a much paler shade of white. When placed in a dark space, they revert back to their original colour. This effect is known as tenebrescence, and can be repeated many times, unless the crystal is heated. Some Hackmanite from Afghanistan and Burma actually do the reverse - they start off white, and upon exposure to sunlight they turn a shade of purple red. Hackmanite will also fluoresce (glow) orange under UV light.

Hackmanite increases feelings of happiness, peace, and contentment. 

Hackmanite is healing, clearing, relaxing, and facilitates deep meditation. It boosts your mental awareness and grants access to higher knowledge, wisdom, and the ethereal planes. Like regular sodalite, blue hackmanite activates the Third Eye chakra, so it expands your vision and enhances your intuition. Purple hackmanite activates the Crown Chakra for Source connection. Overall, hackmanite encourages healthy self-esteem, trust, and supports expression. It helps to release old thought patterns, opens the mind, and creates space for possibility. Hackmanite is also revered in solving problems, balancing hormone levels, and stabilising equilibrium.