protection | calm | grounding


CHAKRA:  root

SIGNS:  virgo, libra, pisces, scorpio


PLANET:  pluto

ALTERNATIVE NAMES:  velvet labradorite, black labradorite

CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  orthorhombic

COLOUR:  brown, black, metallic

AFFIRMATION:  “I open myself to clarity and accept all answers with grace”

BEST FOR:  calming and quieting the mind, meditation and inner reflection, relieving stress/anxiety

ORIGINS:  worldwide but predominantly USA, Canada

COMPANION STONES:  to boost psychic abilities – black onyx, labradorite, barite, selenite, super 7, lapis lazuli, chalcopyrite; to assist in resolving relationship problems – rhodonite, rhodochrosite, ruby.

RARITY:  uncommon


Hypersthene is considered a magical stone that has the power to boost your psychic abilities. It is used by ordinary people to relieve stress and depression.

Hypersthene is regarded as a protective stone. It is known to generate calmness and quietness in the mind of the one who carries or wears it. As per the metaphysical dogmas, this gemstone grounds us in an effort to defend against hectic spurs.

Hypersthene is, at times, called velvet labradorite but this term is deceiving. This is because it is not labradorite. Nevertheless, the word velvet signifies its quality of energy for calming, pacifying, and soothing an overactive mind or stressful body.

When the mind is overexcited, the stone shields us from external noise by generating a safe, velvety shelter. When outside noise is less, the proximity to this stone is said to organize thoughts in a better way and find innovative solutions to life or relationship issues.  Hypersthene is believed to arrange thoughts as well as energy in a more organized way. As a result, you can then have a clearer idea of what to do next or get solutions to problems. Through grounding, shielding, and calming, this gemstone acts as a superb medium to profound meditation and inner reflection.

You can expect it to take you on a smooth ride of exploring the other dimensions of mindfulness. Thus, you go beyond the physical as well as psychological confinements. As calming you down happens without drowsiness, you can use it while in stress where you still need to be alert and express clearly, such as giving a presentation.

The stone is widely used during meditation, as the healing experience is significantly facilitated by this crystal. The process of healing the mind is simply eased. The stone can even boost self-esteem without advocating ego. It affects the base, solar plexus, crown, throat, and third eye chakras.

Believed to have a positive impact on psychic powers and the third-eye chakra, Hypersthene is strongly related to inducing intuition and gut feeling. Indeed, simply being in its presence aids in developing your psychic abilities. This is perhaps because its vibrations tend to affect your whole auric field.