grounding | protection | calming


CHAKRA:  root, third eye

SIGNS:  capricorn

ELEMENT:  earth

PLANET:  earth, saturn


CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  amorphous

COLOUR:  black

AFFIRMATION:  “I can heal and I will”

BEST FOR:  protection from negativity, psychic protection, can be used to cleanse other crystals

ORIGINS:  predominantly UK, USA, Spain, France, Germany

COMPANION STONES:  for grief – ruby in zoisite, chrysoprase, tourmaline quartz; for grounding - sunstone


Jet will help keep you grounded, purify your energy, and protect you from any negative or malicious energy you may encounter.

Jet helps you face your current situation honestly, while helping protect you and clear negative attachments. If you are stuck in a situation in your life where you suspect you are hiding from reality because it is too overwhelming to face the truth, Jet can provide gentle support to get clear on your own boundaries and find your power in the situation. Ultimately, jet helps you integrate the lessons of the experience so you can move forward.

The Earth itself is the ultimate healing energy field we have available to us on this planet. Jet helps us tap into this vast reservoir of patient clarity to see the truth of who we are and what we need. The result is personal empowerment grounded in the quiet confidence of self-connection.