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What is a Mystery Marathon?

A different discount code will be released every hour, on the hour. Each code will be valid for only 20 minutes each.

You won't know what the next discount will be until it's released and by then, the last discount will have expired.

Now the question is... Will you risk it and wait to see if there will be a better deal or leap now? 😉 

How Does it work?

This boxing day we will release one of 6 (six) different discount codes on the hour, every hour starting at 10am AEST.

Each code is only valid for 20 mins from the time it is released below and on our Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Once the code is expired, it can no longer be used and you will have to wait for the next offer.

NB - We run on Brisbane, QLD time so please check your local times.

The discount codes MUST be entered at checkout to redeem the offer and will not be applied after a sale is completed.

Mystery Marathon codes cannot be combined with any other offer, code or discount.

What about Shipping Fees?

FUN FACT! - We have always automatically combined all orders made by the same customer and refund any extra shipping paid. This will be no different.

Refunds for extra shipping fees are processed when shipping is being processed - 8th January 2024.

If the total of all products purchased over multiple orders is below $100, all but your first shipping charge will be refunded.

If the total of all products purchased over multiple orders is $100 or more, all of your shipping charges will be refunded.